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Backpacks & Bruises, Sam & Sue - Best Friends

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to the Backpacks And Bruises site and Home of The Herd Walking Group, somewhere we hope you will find inspiration for adventure in the great outdoors.

We are Sue and Sam, two lifelong best friends originally from Sheffield, who spend our time in the beautiful Peak District National Park.  We began vlogging our hikes and adventures on YouTube 6 years ago and believe passionately about sharing and encouraging others to spend time in the outdoors.


Backpacks And Bruises actively champions the huge benefits and effect that time in these great landscapes has on us all physically and mentally. 

We are proud to say The Herd Walking Group is now into its 5th Year. The Herd is a welcoming, encouraging, helpful bunch of likeminded individuals that look out for each other and believe the outdoors is there for everyone.  Our meets are at least once a month where we share the love of the Peak District with fun and laughter all the way, we don't take ourselves too seriously and you will always be welcomed with a big smile and made to feel like one of the Herd from everyone.

Onward! (As Sam always says)


Backpacks and Bruises is built on a friendship lasting 41 years and counting.  A decision to meet halfway in the Peak District one winters day 'for a walk' was to spark a journey and a shared passion for advocating the benefits of time spent in the outdoors, and would open up new personal challenges they would never have expected.  


Sam lives in the High Peak with her partner Dave, son Jake and Daughter Holly and Sausage Dog Eccles!  She can be found wandering up hill and down dale most evenings after work.  She started hiking in 2016 on weekends to escape the routine of full time work and running a household.  This lead to a passion for the outdoors, and in turn improved her fitness and mental well being.

Favourite Animal? 'Dog'

Mountain or Ocean? 'Mountains'

Favourite Walk so far? 'Striding Edge, or The Great Ridge in the Peak District.. can I have two?'

Who would you replace Sue with as a new hiking buddy, past or present? 'David Attenborough'



Sue lives with her son Tom and partner Allan. As well as walking, she loves wild swimming at every opportunity with or without her bathing suit! For Sue the outdoors is a way of going back to her childhood days of swimming in cold lakes, camp fires, building dens and exploring caves.

Favourite Animal? 'Donkey'

Mountain or Ocean? 'Both, and Forrests'

Favourite Walk so far? 'Beating the crowds and watching the sunrise on Snowdon and Win Hill Peak District (well Sam had two)'.

Who would you replace Sam with as a new hiking buddy, past or present? 'My Mum' 



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