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An introduction...

Updated: May 6, 2020

Blogging? Sometimes you just have to take a running jump and leap right in, lets not overthink it.  We are now bloggers, sounds strange but here we are.

Firstly, if you have been following our humble little YouTube channel and its lead you to our blog doorstep, well thanks for coming by, maybe here you can learn a little about who the strange ladies in anoraks are that you've been watching for a short while. If you've stumbled across this blog by accident then DONT GO YET! give us a chance, we are nice people a little rough around the edges but you never know you might like us. You can see our latest adventures on YouTube. We hope you will see from the videos that we don't take ourselves too seriously.

Long overdue intro's Who are we? We are two best friends with a love of the outdoors and a strong sense of adventure.  We started an Instagram and YouTube channel 'Backpacks And Bruises' to share our walks and adventures with friends and loved ones, and it quickly escalated from there.  We've been going on regular walks in the Peak District for a while and we have documented every step, stumble and conquest made along the way. We both met in infants and went through school together.  College was the bonding years, 90's was a blur, marriage and motherhood in the bag so what next? i know lets climb some mountains! it'll be fun. Sam lives in the High Peak with her kids Jacob and Holly, 6 guinea pigs and not forgetting the Backpacks and Bruises adventure dogs, Floyd and Honey. Sue stayed Sheffield way and Lives with her son Thomas and the grumpiest dog EVER Travis. We both have office based jobs, ditching the shoes for the muddy boot option at every opportunity. We both meet in the middle once a week using the Peak District as our playground and base for most of our adventures, although we have been known to stray a little further.

Whats the plan? We didn't make one.  Do we need one? Not really.  All we know is we went for a walk, took some pictures, shared them on Instagram. Took another walk, filmed it, shared it on Youtube and suddenly we needed a name for ourselves. That's basically how Backpacks and Bruises has started and we are so excited about the feedback that we have had from loved ones, friends and people who kindly follow us.  We haven't got a plan of where we are going with this, all we know is that our small following on YouTube is oh so slowly notching up, and with everyone's encouragement to carry on, just be ourselves and enjoy the ride, well then lets just do that, this is an adventure in its self.  No plan needed. Anoraks at the ready. We'd love to hear from you and the adventures that you take on. What corner of the world do you explore? Thanks for stopping by. Sam and Sue

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