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Crowden Hike - 8.5 miles - 4hrs - 500m of ascent

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

After our near death experience on this hike back in October 2018 we thought it was time to return and show we will not be beaten! So the sun is out, we have water, food (lots of food) a map and GPS......what could possibly go wrong?

The walk starts from Crowden carpark next to the campsite Grid ref. SK 070998 - post code SK13 1HZ - (limited parking at weekends so get there early) from here we headed up the steep path towards the quarry and followed the lower path towards Heyden Moor, if you take the higher path over the quarry you can bag the trig on Hey edge (we missed that, again)

You are now in open moorland with amazing views of Crowden behind you. Holme Moss stands as a beacon as you head towards Tooleyshaw moor, the moors were covered with a blanket of cotton grass as we headed up towards Black Hill. Once at the trig we stopped and took in the vast views (another snack stop), as it was a nice day we could see for miles.

Hopping back on the pennine way we continued back towards Black Chew Head. The rocks were alive with climbers today due to the gorgeous weather. After stopping for another snack and a bit of a sunbath (be rude not to) we found ourselves distracted and barefoot playing in the waterfall on Oaken clough. It was only at this point as we we were heading back into the valley that the heat hit us and realised factor 50 would of been a good idea! The decent back to the car was slow as we kept stopping to play on rocks, talk to sheep and watch hares as they darted between us. The smug feeling of defeating Crowden was sharply removed as we were smacked around the shoulders with sunburn.

Maps, compass and GPS gadgetry of choice are a definite must on this one! Tricky and exposed moorland terrain, paths are easily lost, from Black Hill things get easier but caution is needed in bad weather. Add a good couple of hours for taking in these amazing views.

Full OS route map to download and route card can be found here.

To see how our walk at Crowden went, watch our YouTube vid below.

Come back and tell us how you got on with the route and if you enjoyed it as much as us.

Happy Adventures

Sam & Sue

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