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Curbar Edge and White Edge Circular walk.

Updated: May 6, 2020

18th October, 2017

So this weeks objective (our favourite word) was to find some deer!  We've been trying throughout the Year to spot the Red deer who inhabit the Great Moor overlooked by White Edge in the Peak District.  We set off early and parked up on the road just below Curbar Edge, with the weather looking promising we headed up to join the path running along the top of Curbar Edge which was already a hive of activity from climbers to remote control glider enthusiasts.

We headed over to the famous rock which featured in the film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth in ladies!), the rock where Elizabeth Bennet stares wistfully in to the distance awaiting Mr Darcy.

After exploring the small caves and crevices that line this great ridge we descended down towards Froggatt.  Then there, right in front of us 20 Red Deer ran out across the plain followed by a magnificent, and rather proud looking Stag! Excited wasn't the word.  We were struck still with wonder as we witnessed this beautiful and protective creature.  We got quite emotional, we had hoped for a tiny, maybe distant glimpse and here he was watching us, watching him.  

Still on a high we continued around the path until we hit a small woodland just above Froggatt, perfect for trying out the hammock!  We set up a mini camp area and made some lunch (if Mugshots count)  Then Sue set to work on erecting the hammock which now with the correct attachments was up within 4 minutes.

We love that hammock! Its not only comfy but fits two people and a very determined Floyd (fur baby).  

Another hour had passed and we were only a quarter of the way into our walk, so reluctantly Sue packed her hammock, camp was cleared and we were on a way again.  Following the path around to the road, we headed up to the Grouse Inn for a quick convenience stop and a drink for the dogs, then we were off again over the road and back onto the path up towards White Edge.

It had been a long time since we last walked with a clear sky, and we were so thankful for it, we had breathtaking views back across over to Stanage Edge, Surprise View and Win Hill.  But little did we know the spectacle that awaited us ahead.

In unison we looked up towards the roaring noise that was coming from ahead, then looked at each other!  A large group of bucks challenging each other on the horizon.  It was quite a sight.  Armed with only an iPhone and a gopro we had no chance of catching them on film, all we could do was stand and watch with awe.  Luckily Sue had her knockers with her!! so whipped them out so we could get a better look.  We were not disappointed.  What a magnificent sight! Anyway enough about Sue's binoculars.

The trig point of White Edge was in sight so we continued on our way for a quick trig selfie before heading back up to the car.

The circular walk can be completed within 2-3 hours if you take a steady pace.  But in true backpacks style, with our hammock antics and deer stalking we completed it in 6 hours! lol

As the sun was out we made the most of our day and stopped off at The Bridge Inn in Calver for a large Shandy and the obligatory Salt and Vinegar crisps.  Another brilliant day which didn't disappoint. 

What more could you ask for.. Sun, Deer and Sues knockers!!

Check out our video of this walk and others on our Youtube channel and below. Please give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed the vid, also share, comment, we love to hear from you.  And Subscribe. 

Enjoy your adventures this weekend. Sam & Sue x

First posted 18th October 2017

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