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International Women's Day

We couldn't let this day pass without giving a nod to all the awesome ladies that joined us this day last year. We came away from this day absolutely buzzing with excitement for this group of adventurous women, and we already knew we wanted to organise more events that would see us regroup and spend more time in the outdoors together.

Like all our group walks we plan, the day is about spending time with likeminded people in the outdoors, exploring and enjoying our surroundings. But there is something about bringing a group of women together, especially when they find themselves out of their comfort zone.

I loved talking to those few ladies who had never took to hill walking before, they'd watched our vids, they knew it was never going to be plain sailing, but they showed up anyway and were here to give it a go. Some blank looks at first, when we decided to go off the beaten track and scramble up a hillside, but we dug deep together and we gave each other that knowing glance, we got this! We had the hardy, seasoned walkers too, sharing their summit stories and listing the places 'you must scramble up next', just to get us all in the mood for future ventures.

Seeing teenagers hoisting their mothers up a cliff edge, and new found friends reaching out a hand was a great experience, sharing their strength, and some finding their strength that they forgot they had. Its women cheering women on, and its a joyous babble of noise on top of a hill side, and echoing in the valley below.

Those unsteady jitters when faced with a steep decent down a snow topped cliff, soon turned into belly laughter, when we threw ourselves down that snow slope. These are the memories that we made that day.

We had time, if we chose to, to talk about our stories, our daily routines, our fears, the triumphs and the goals, and we could discuss women's issues (some of us could write a book on the issues) but this was no coffee morning. This was women coming together to play! to explore, to spend time in nature and to laugh, loud.

And that rainbow! the most spectacular rainbow, we stood together with rain on our faces and feet in boggy puddles, and we took it as a nod and a badge of courage from the women before us that said "you did good today ladies, now wipe that fine wet ass and get the beers in"

Plans are still in the making ladies, adventures are still to be had, friendships are formed and newbies will be welcomed in to the pack. We may have been thrown off course this past Year, but we will have our adventure day again, watch this space, and get ready!

For those of you interested in joining us in the future, either a ladies only walk or our group walks, information can be found on our website here.

To watch the fun unfold on our IWD walk, and links to all our vids and channel follow the link below.

See you all soon xx

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